Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Skunk and the Buckeyes

There is a skunk amongst us. Well, it was amongst us. Right now, it is down in the Bottom, pushing up Daisies!

I really don't have a problem with the local wildlife. Until they start messing with my Babies, that is! Then it is Game On.

I went out a few mornings ago to let the birds out, crossed the electric fence and was halfway to the Eggmobile, when I noticed something small and black circling the chick pen. It took my brain a minute to comprehend what my eyes were seeing...SKUNK! There was a skunk trying to get in the Buckeye pen!

Immediately, I leapt outside of the electric net and tried to figure out what to do! You see, the Hillbilly was off property, it was 7 am, and I don't know how to shoot a .22. Something that quickly needs to be remedied!

My first thought was to try and chase it away. So I lowered two sections of net, all the while keeping my eye on the rascal who was intent on getting some breakfast. I then gathered some stones and threw them at him, hoping to get him to cross the downed net and go into the field behind the chicken pen. Alas, I am a terrible rock-thrower. Just terrible. So that did not work.

Next up, the children! I ran back down to the camper and rounded up all the kids, who were more than happy to rain down fire on the intruder. Problem is, they only have BB guns. And they have used them for things other than shooting, so the sights are off and, well, they are pretty much useless.

Plan C...panic?

Nope! I used technology to text my cousin-in-law over the hill, to see if there were any hunters on the property at that early hour. She (being the great chicken lover that she is, plus a great neighbor) sent her husband right up with a .22...thank you Lord! Cousin Dave scouted the situation, took his time, and with one shot, a loud boom and much excitement on the part of the chickens (and the children), the rascal was sent to, well, where ever chicken killing skunks are sent.

Little Man scooping up the now harmless predator.

For you see, what we did not immediately realize, is that the killer managed to kill two of our Buckeyes and it wounded a third.  While we are sad we have lost the two chicks, we are happy to report that the injured bird has healed up very nicely and is doing just great! We are trying to think of a proper name for her/him. Something that will help us remember how brave it was, to face the dratted skunk, and live...any ideas!?

Hanging out and enjoying the summer sunshine!

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