Thursday, August 27, 2015

Home Away from Home

View of the Granary coming up the driveway...glorious!

I was just very blessed to get to go to Lexington for a few days to visit my friend Becky. She and her husband Tripp have a GREAT place called Owl Moon Farm, just outside of Lexington and guess what...YOU can go there too!

Becky and Tripp rent out the old granery, but it is not old any more!!  In the last ten years, it has been turned into the most amazing vacation spot!  They are tucked into a valley, surrounded by green, rolling hills and winding country roads. The stars are brilliant in the black velvet sky, but you may never see them if you get tucked into your cozy bed before they come out!

The Granary is located just a few miles from Lexington, Virginia which is the site of many cool shops, restaurants and LOTS of amazing history.

Check it out and then make sure you reserve a weekend to get away from all the chaos and relax!

The view from Becky's front porch, looking toward the Granary.

The future Wedding Barn was once home to some commune folk...they built this awesome ladder!

Amazing piece of art aka the Garden Gate

Link to Airbnb site for lots more pics and details.

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